Real Estate Investment & Management

Anucol offers a suite of services relating to Real Estate portfolio services under the umbrella of Anucol Properties Ltd.

The genesis of Anucol Properties goes all the way back to 2002 when Anucol first forayed into the then nascent real estate market in Dubai, U.A.E.

Since then Anucol has grown rapidly in the real estate arena and is connected with and has tie ups with reputable real estate entities in Canada, United Kingdom & Singapore.

Anucol offers a suite of services relating to real estate comprising of

  • Building a Diversified Real Estate portfolio across geographical locations.

  • An indepth analysis of various laws and taxes insofar as it relates to real estate.

  • Organizing Mortgages

  • Property Management Services including Walk Thru’s, furnishing and rentals.

These services are primarily offered in Canada, United Arab Emirates & United Kingdom.

Click here to know about the projects where residential rental properties are owned by Anucol in Dubai, London, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal & Lucknow.

Anucol is currently engaged in a number of exciting real estate projects which offer exceptional value to investors. Click here to contact us about further opportunities.

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